The forwarding company “SFC” carries out regional and international rail transportation of goods of various categories and in any direction on behalf of the sender.

We carry out the transportation of goods by railway transportation of the following types: standard, fragile, bulky, modular, dangerous, heavy, and temperature controlled transportation.

Each type of cargo is transported in strict accordance with the Railway Rules. Transportation of dangerous goods by rail is carried out in accordance with all the standards put forward and is provided with a full package of accompanying documents.


Rail container transportation has several obvious advantages:

✔ This is the most mobile form of rail transportation;

✔ High degree of reliability at a relatively low cost of transportation;

✔ Standard sizes of universal railway containers for cargo transportation gives you the opportunity to accurately calculate
the quantity and volume of transported goods.



✔ We organize mixed multimodal transportation (we have at our disposal road,
air and sea transportation);

✔ Qualified advice on customs clearance;

✔ Responsible storage and cargo insurance;.

✔ Warehousing, loading and unloading, and packaging of goods;

✔ Forwarding and information support. Registration of a full package documents for the shipper
and the implementation of customs formalities;

✔ Cargo delivery from door to door;

✔ Armed escort of goods.