Sea transportation is the most economical way of delivering goods over long distances, while ensuring a high level of security.

Our experience on the international logistics market allows us to offer our customers comprehensive solutions of any complexity, taking into account the specific requirements for the conditions and rules of container transportation.

We will deliver your goods by sea from any region of the planet and to any country in the world on the optimal route and as soon as possible.

Long-term direct relations with leading shipping companies of the world give us a big advantage over other transporting companies and allows us to guarantee our customers extremely low transportation prices, while maintaining the most favorable delivery times and quality services.

Southern Forwarding Company aims at establishing and expanding contacts with import-export companies, with the main emphasis on accuracy, timeliness and quality of the services offered.


✔ Sea freight from any port;

✔ Development of optimal container shipping routes from the sender to the destination;

✔ Registration of all necessary documents for goods in the country of departure / destination;

✔ End to end service or door-to-door delivery;

✔ Port forwarding and transit clearance;

✔ Transportation of dangerous goods in containers;

Monitoring of container movements on international and domestic routes;

✔ Organization of customs clearance and insurance;

✔ Organization of quality control (survey) of goods.